Unisex Hipster Hat in Tunisian Crochet

Yesterday was National Hat Day. That reminded me of this idea that had been bouncing around in my head for a hat. So I sat down and got busy getting it out of my head and into the universe. The result…a unisex hipster-like hat made with Tunisian crochet.

I wanted to really show the detail on the Tunisian Simple Stitch and the crown transition, so I chose a variegated yarn. This hat only uses two basic Tunisian crochet stitches; Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) and Tunisian Purl Stitch (TPS). It’s super easy and can be easily modified to be longer or shorter by adding or removing stitches between the brim and the crown shaping.

Unisex Hipster Hat

This pattern is written in US terms. It is made using Tunisian crochet. It is sized to fit most adults. The crown Tunisian detail - Jarta Jasmineshaping is worked using Short Rows. This method uses wedge patterns to create a circular shape. The first row is a full and complete row. The second row is truncated. Each additional row adds a stitch more than the previous row using the initial full and complete row in the wedge group. I have provided a chart below to help illustrate how to complete Short Rows.

A PDF version of this pattern may be purchased for download here.



    • ch = chain stitch


    • tss = Tunisian Simple Stitch


    • tps = Tunisian Purl Stitch


    • sl st = slip stitch




    • DK weight yarn (Weight 3). The hat shown is made using I Love This Yarn Sport, Seascape. Approximately 184 yards (168 m).


    • 8 mm Tunisian crochet hook


    • Tapestry Needle for weaving ends



13 rows x 16 stitches = 4″ x 4″

Hipster Hat

Foundation: Ch 40.
Row 1: Tss 40, normal closing 40.Unisex-Hipster-Hat-Wedge-Section-Chart-1024x1024
Row 2: Tps 10, tss 20, normal closing 30.
Row 3: Tss 31, normal closing 31. (The 31st stitch is worked in the next unworked stitch of row 1. This is the same for rows 3-12)

Row 4: Tps 10, tss 22, normal closing 32.
Row 5: Tss 33, normal closing 33.
Row 6: Tps 10, tss 24, normal closing 34.
Row 7: Tss 35, normal closing 35.
Row 8: Tps 10, tss 26, normal closing 36.
Row 9: Tss 37, normal closing 37.
Row 10: Tps 10, tss 28, normal closing 38.
Row 11: Tss 39, normal closing 39.
Row 12: Tps 10, tss 30, normal closing 40.

**End/start of wedges 1 and 2**

Row 13: Tss 30, normal closing 30.
Row 14: Tps 10, tss 21, normal closing 31.
Row 15: Tss 32, normal closing 32.
Row 16: Tps 10, tss 23, normal closing 33.
Row 17: Tss 34, normal closing 34.
Row 18: Tps 10, tss 25, normal closing 35.
Row 19: Tss 36, normal closing 36.
Row 20: Tps 10, tss 27, normal closing 37.
Row 21: Tss 38, normal closing 38.
Row 22: Tps 10, tss 29, normal closing 39.
Row 23: Repeat row 1.

Rows 24-67: Repeat Rows 2-23 twice more for a total of six wedge sections.

Finish by turning RS facing in and slip stitching the seam from brim to crown. Leave tail long enough to weave through ends of wedge rows to tighten and close opening left at the crown.

All done!

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