AnnMarie Hooded Cowl by Jarta Jasmine

AnnMarie Hooded Cowl in Tunisian Crochet

One fall day my younger sister sent me a photo of a hooded cowl she found online and asked me if I could make something like it. The image she sent me was knitted. Of course she knew this right away and was quick to tell me she didn’t expect it to look exactly the same. As a crocheter, I appreciated her understanding and realistic expectations. Afterall, crochet is not knit, and knit is not crochet. Each one is a bit better suited to certain styles and stitches with lots of overlap between the two.

As I sat there trying to envision how I would build a hooded cowl with both style and function in mind, I look across my studio to where my lonely, unused Tunisian crochet hooks sat. This changed everything. I began thumbing through my reference materials on Tunisian crochet stitches looking for just the right one. Some were too open, others too plain. Then there were the cables which are meant to emulate knitted cables. I thought to myself, “if I want it to look exactly like knit, I may as well knit it!” But I didn’t want it to look like knit. I wanted it to be its own thing – a crocheted item with the closed stitch pattern of knit.

I played with several different stitches until I stumbled across a Tunisian crochet stitch written in German. After revising it a bit to fit the form I was trying to achieve, it all started to come together. And thus, the AnnMarie Hooded Cowl came into existence.

If you aren’t familiar with Tunisian crochet, I certainly suggest you give it a try. I have so many more ideas now! My Tunisian hooks will never be neglected again. You can buy a copy of the pattern here.




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